3G Artificial Grass for Football

Which surface is best for my project? (pdf)

A 3G artificial grass surface for football has a pile height of between 40mm and 60mm. The carpet is in-filled with a mixture of sports-grade sand and rubber to provide the required shock absorbency and playing characteristics.

As with other sports carpets, the denser the yarn the more stable and durable the carpet. Advances in artificial turf manufacture are drawing ever closer to re-creating the natural turf playing experience (without its drawbacks) with new technology such as hydroscopic (water-retaining) yarn and innovative yarn combinations.

Carpets with pile heights below 50mm are laid onto a shockpad to achieve the correct dynamic response. Pile heights 50mm and above can be laid on a shockpad but do not have to be. They can be laid directly onto a free-draining stone sub-base (dynamic base) as the infill materials will ensure that the required playing characteristics are met and maintained. Avoiding the use of a shockpad can dramatically reduce the installation cost of an artificial pitch.

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