Flood Lighting for Rugby Pitches

Planning and cost

Projects involving artificial grass pitch construction generally incorporate floodlights in order to maximise the use of the pitch. Floodlighting can be an expensive part of a pitch construction project (sometimes as much as a quarter of the cost) and should be properly researched. Planning permission is generally required and applications should incorporate contingencies for minimising glare and light pollution.

There are three classes of Rugby lighting.

Our installations tend to be Class II (regional and local competition plus higher level training) and Class III (lower level competition, training and recreational use) systems.

We install to RFU standards: Class II 200 lux and Class III 100 lux.

Rugby lighting systems can be installed using, 4 , 6 or 8 columns, generally between 12-18m high. Customised lighting designs are produced for each pitch.

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