Maintenance of MUGA Pitches

Macadam (types 1 and 2): Maintenance is relatively easy and inexpensive:

  • removal of leaves and other detritus from the playing surface
  • power washing of porous surfaces to remove the dirt and debris that collects within the macadam surface
  • application of moss killer when required on porous surfaces
  • re-colour coating, where appropriate, approximately every five years

Polymeric (types 3 and 4): The maintenance of polymeric surfaces is similar to macadam surfaces, although the colour coating may need to be re-applied more frequently as wear can make the surface slippery.

Artificial turf (type 5) Maintenance of an artificial grass pitch will maximise the life of the pitch and ensure that the required FIFA or other standards are maintained. Guarantees may be conditional on maintenance schedules being adhered to and records kept.Three types of maintenance are usually required:.

Three types of maintenance are usually required:
Regular (at least weekly)

  • Drag matting or brushing to redistribute infill
  • Brushing to lift the pile. Flattened pile results in a faster surface, fibrillation and matting and a consequential reduction in performance.
  • Localised topping up of infill levels (penalty spot, centre spot, corner kick areas…) to support the pile and maintain maximum dynamic response from the carpet.
  • The removal of litter, leaves and other debris from the surface

Periodic (1 – 4 times per year)
Ride-on brushing system with oscillating brushes

  • Relieving compaction of the infill to ensure consistent ball and foot response.
  • Removing moss or weeds within the surface, particularly around the edges of the pitch.

As the carpet pile wears, dirt and debris inevitably become trapped in the infill. Contaminated infill can compact, which will give a harder playing surface and problems with drainage leading to flooding. Contaminated infill should therefore be replaced before such problems occur.

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