Type 4 MUGA – Oxfordshire

Type 4 MUGA (polymeric) pitches for primary schools in Oxfordshire. These sports pitches are EPDM polymeric surfaces with anti-slip coating for maximum shock absorbance and slip resistance, designed and built to meet Sport England requirements.

Watchfield Primary School

Windmill Primary School

Both Type 3 and Type 4 MUGA surfaces are polymeric but type 4 has a thicker surface providing greater shock absorbency and lower surface friction and is better suited to 5-a-side football, basketball and athletics. Different colours are available; red and green are most commonly used.

Polymeric MUGAs are used for ball rebound sports and as training areas for non-ball sports such as athletics. They are also suitable for wheelchair sports.

Type 4 MUGA Polymeric Pitch
EPDM being laid on Polymeric MUGA
Type 4 MUGA Polymeric Pitch
Completed Type 4 Polymeric MUGA
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